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1. Einführung

This course will help you gain an insight into working with the knowledge platform

If you have never worked with the content management system (CMS) WordPress (WP), this is the perfect start to gain some basic knowledge. But even for those who already have prior knowledge of WP, it is worth taking a look at the lessons to get an overview of the backend of

The course is rounded off with a small quiz with which you can test the knowledge you have acquired.

Otherwise, I would be happy to receive input via the feedback form. If you have any further questions, please contact the social channel.

What awaits you in this course:

  • Basic knowledge of the backend of
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress

Please note: This is not a complete course, but only includes some learning modules. For more complete documentation please use the manual (English/German – links only available internally at GIZ).



2. Kurstrainer

Karsten has conducted many workshops on digital topics including digitalization, social media, and data analysis. As a digital consultant with over ten years of international experience, he works on methodologies and frameworks for agile, user centric, and data driven approaches.

3. Lektionen

Dein Fortschritt